Where angels no longer fear to tread

RocketSchool provides a powerful launch pad for the entrepreneurial development of innovation-driven ‘gazelles’ that have the ability to launch new high-growth ventures, some of which have the ability to internationalise. RocketSchool blends a highly-rated, specialist Entrepreneurial  Acceleration Programme (in partnership with the Gordon Institute of Business Science), with the management of a pipeline of innovative fast-growing start-ups.

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We offer Angel Investors the opportunity to fund those ideas that have a greater than average chance of flying: our rigorous due diligence processes reduce the risk associated with investment in early stage businesses. Our competitive environment implies intense evaluation, critical appraisal and constant reviews. If the idea won’t generate the cash, it’ll end up in the trash. Angel Fund Investors can support winning early stage start-up ventures (via a section 12 Venture Capital Company) and gain access to a pipeline of future opportunities.