One year, light years ahead.


Entrepreneurship isn’t for the meek. If you want to go stratospheric, expect to crash and burn.  The madness in Rocket School’s methodology involves providing savvy graduates with a real time, real business, real risk/reward reality check, via opportunity, venture capital, guidance and experience to turn your audacious ideas into innovation-driven start-ups.

There are 3 stellar programmes on offer:

The School’s flagship 10-month ENTREPRENEURSHIP ACCELERATION PROGRAM (EAP) provides the education and skills required in the high-growth innovation-driven start-up space: specialist guidance, input and advice along with unreal demands on your time, energy and talents.  We don’t simulate; we stimulate entrepreneurship, providing real venture capital to fund innovation-driven start-ups. You get training, tools and techniques along with experienced business guidance to turn your dreams and brilliant ideas into reality.

A 12-week RE-BOOT CAMP, delivered using a blended (online and face-to-face) learning model put students through a robust educational experience, asks ‘what constitutes a viable idea and how do I turn it into a business? If you survive the atmospheric pressure of our boot camp, you’ll probably thrive on the gravity-defying deadlines, intense collaboration and disruptive evaluation of an average day in the discomfort zone – our flagship 10 month EAP programme.

A 3-Day Weekend IGNITION 72 programme, targeting people across the spectrum (entrepreneurs, corporate employees and those that cannot afford an extended programme) and assisting participants in developing their ideas and aspirations as entrepreneurs.